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16 professors of the School of Civil Engineering among the top in the world

A recent study published in the journal PLOS Biology, retrieving data from the SCOPUS database and using a range of parameters for each scientist's research contribution and influence, analysed data of 7 million scientists with at least five published articles on the SCOPUS database. As a result, a list of the top 100 000 scientists from all scientific subjects (as well as those ranked in the top 2% in their main subfield discipline) was compiled.

An analysis by professor A. Papaioannou of the University of Thessaly for the Greek scientists contained in this database, shows that the NTUA is the leading institution in the country in terms of the presence of its scientists in this list. Specifically, the list of the world's leading scientists contains 98 members of the NTUA or 18.28% of its faculty members.

From the School of Civil Engineering, for the year 2019, the following 12 professors are contained in the list (in order of their ranks):

G. Gazetas*, D. Koutsoyiannis, D. Vamvatsikos, M. Karlaftis†, E. Vlahogianni, M. Papadrakakis*, N. Lagaros, D. Dermatas, I. Psycharis*, G. Yannis, M. Kotsovos* , E. Vintzileou

A second list referring to all years analysed (1996-2019) contains 15, i.e. 11 of the above and in addition:

Ι. Golias, D. Tsamboulas†, K. Spyrakos and C. Gantes

(Retired/emeritus professors are marked with * and deceased with †).

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  • Sublist with the Greeks (533.1 KB): Contains part of the database and specifically the scientists who serve in Greek Institutions (with a filter for the scientists of NTUA -- by removing it the entire list is displayed).
  • Expanation of abbreviations (13.4 KB)

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Quality policy

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Για πρωτοετείς

Ανακοινώνεται στους πρωτοετείς φοιτητές ότι μετά την αποστολή των δικαιολογητικών που απαιτούνται σύμφωνα με την ανακοίνωση που έχει αναρτηθεί στην ιστοσελίδα της Σχολής, ενημερώνονται με απαντητικό email μόνο οι φοιτητές των οποίων τα στοιχεία που απέστειλαν έχουν κάποιο πρόβλημα.

Σε διαφορετική περίπτωση τα στοιχεία καταχωρούνται κανονικά και δεν υπάρχει κάποια εκκρεμότητα εκ μέρους τους, όσον αφορά την ταυτοποίησή τους στη Σχολή.

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Εγγραφές Πρωτοετών ακαδ. έτους 2020-21

2 months ago.

Πρόγραμμα μαθημάτων χειμερινού εξαμήνου ακαδ. έτους 2020-21

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Ηλεκτρονικές εξετάσεις - Σύστημα ΔΗΛΟΣ

Παρακαλούνται όλοι οι διδάσκοντες, επόπτες και φοιτητές που θα συμμετάσχουν σε ηλεκτρονικές εξετάσεις να εγγραφούν στο σύστημα ΔΗΛΟΣ. Θα χρειαστεί να επισκεφτούν τον παρακάτω σύνδεσμο του συστήματος, να χρησιμοποιήσουν τη λειτουργία "Σύνδεση" και να ταυτοποιηθούν με τα επίσημα στοιχεία τους στα συστήματα του ΕΜΠ ( με το username και το password που έχουν στο central).

Μία επίσκεψη αρκεί για την εγγραφή. Όμως χωρίς να την κάνουν έγκαιρα, υπάρχει κίνδυνος να μην μπορούν να καταχωριστούν στις λίστες των εξεταστών/εξεταζόμενων και να χάσουν την πρώτη εξέταση.

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Οδηγίες για εξετάσεις

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  • KanonismosExetasewn.pdf (105.7 KB):
    Προγραμματισμός Εξετάσεων Εαρινού Εξαμήνου 2020 και οδηγίες για την διεξαγωγή τους
  • GuidelinesForE_examinationSCENTUA_7LHRUvF.pdf (83.5 KB):
    Κατευθυντήριες Γραμμές για Ηλεκτρονικές Μορφές Αξιολόγησης

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Organizing remote lecturing

The School of Civil Engineering has turned all courses into distance learning based on the current timetable.

For each individual course, students enrolled in "mycourses" in the particular course receive an email from the previous day containing a link. Following the link, students are able to enter the virtual classroom at the time of each lesson. Teaching is interactive and students are able to ask or answer questions, or even present their work (sharing their computer screen).

Participation requires a device (desktop, laptop, tablet) with microphone and camera. Students will have their microphone and camera turned off while watching, and they will turn on when they speak themselves. The system to use is

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QS 2020 Ranking: The School of Civil Engineering improves its performance

Thirty-ninth worldwide - eleventh in Europe

According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020, the School of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, subject: Civil and Structural Engineering) improves its rank despite the dramatic drop in staff (about half) and budget (by 90%) over the last decade. Specifically, it remains in the top 50 schools worldwide and ranks 39th in 2020 (from 48th in 2019). Among European Schools,it ranks 11th (from 14th). The School has best performance in terms of the recognition of its research work.

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Patras are also included in the Civil Engineering lists, at positions 101-150 and 151-200, respectively.

NTUA is also included in the rankings and other scientific areas, namely:

Ranks 51 – 100

  • Architecture / Built Environment
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Ranks 101 - 150

  • Computer Science & Information Systems
  • Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering

Ranks 151 – 200

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Statistics & Operational Research

Ranks 201 - 250


Ranks 301-350

-Materials Science -Physics & Astronomy

Ranks 401 – 450

  • Economics & Econometrics

Finally, in the world ranking in wider areas, the NTUA ranks 106 in Engineering and Technology and 278 in Natural Science.

  • The following screenshot shows the ranking of the top European Schools, but the number in the "rank" column refers to the world ranking.*

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Registrations, Spring semester 2019-20

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Spring semester 2019-20, exam schedule (draft)

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Ανακοίνωση εγγραφών χειμερινών εξαμήνων ακαδ. έτους 2020-21

2 months ago.

NTUA Road Safety Research ranked 2nd in Europe and 6th worldwide, 2019

Road Safety Research at the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering of NTUA is ranked 2nd in Europe and 6th worldwide according to a recent study published at the leading safety Scientific Journal Accident Analysis and Prevention. Moreover, NTUA Prof. George Yannis appears between the most productive scientific authors worldwide in the field of road safety. This ranking is based on a systematic analysis of all road safety studies published on Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) and Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) between 2000 and 2018.


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The students of the School of Civil Engineering win the NTUA's Basketball Championship

The Basketball team of students of the School of Civil Engineering took the first place in the Basketball Championship of the National Technical University of Athens. A total of 18 teams from the NTUA’s Schools participated in the championship. The games were held in the closed gym of the Zographou campus. The event began in March 2018 and the final four was held in December of the same year. The winning was composed by the following students (in alphabetical order):

  • Thodoris Agoris
  • Giorgos Vitsos
  • Kostas Vlachakis
  • Akis Golemis
  • Panayiotis Dimitriadis
  • Romanos Ioannides
  • Vassilis Kallimoyiannis
  • Alexandros Siamopoulos
  • Kostas Fakopoulides

The School congratulates the winners and wishes them success in all areas.

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Formal visit of the Dean of School of Civil Engineering in China

On September 15th-23rd, 2018, the Dean of the School of Civil Engineering, Mr. N. D. Lagaros and the Director of MSc in "Analysis and Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures" Mr. V. Koumousis visited, upon invitation, the University of Fuzhou located in the homonymous city in China as well as the Graduate School of the University of Tsinghua, located in Shenzhen, China. The purpose of the visit was to explore forms of collaboration on educational and research level with the two Chinese Universities. It should be noted that Tsinghua University ranks among the 10 best Universities of the world in Engineering Sciences in most international rankings (Shanghai, QS, USNews).

The delegation of the School of Civil Engineering visited laboratories of different departments in Fuzhou and Tsinghua Universities and met with the faculty members of these laboratories examining the possibility of collaboration. Official meetings were held with the Secretary and Chairman of the University Council, Mr. CHEN Yongzheng (Fuzhou University) and Associate Dean, Prof. YANG Rui Dong (Tsinghua University). Delegations of both Universities had visited the NTUA during June 2018. It was agreed with Mr. CHEN Yongzheng (Fuzhou University) to develop bilateral contacts aiming to:

  • The establishment of International Joint Labs with subjects related to "Harbor Works" and "Protection of Monuments and Cultural Heritage".

  • Co-operation at research level through submission of joint research proposals in the framework of bilateral and European programs calls. Exploration of creating joint postgraduate education programs.

  • Exploration of creating joint postgraduate education programs. With Prof. YANG Rui Dong (Tsinghua University) was discussed the possibility of signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the institutional level and agreed to develop bilateral contacts aimed at:

  • Τhe collaboration on Sanitary Engineering issues (with Professor GUAN Yuntao, Directorate of Environment) and Energy (with Professor JIANG Yuelu, Directorate of Marine Sciences).

  • Co-operation at the research level through submission of joint research proposals in the framework of bilateral and European programs calls.

  • The exchange of students and faculty members

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Official recognition of the Civil Engineering Diploma of NTUA as Integrated Master

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Curriculum Guide 2018-19

The English version will be available here soon

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ShanghaiRanking 2018: The School of Civil Engineering again 7th in the world, 3rd in Europe

For second time, NTUA is ranked seventh in the world in the Civil Engineering field according to Shanghai Ranking 2018. In Europe it is ranked 3rd, after the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) and the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Its ranking is also excellent in other major fields of the School of Civil Engineering:

  • Transportation Science and Technology: No 51-75
  • Water Resources: No 101-150

Also, the NTUA appears in other subjects, some of which are also (secondary) fields of the School of Civil Engineering, and most importantly:

  • Marine/Ocean Engineering: No 32

which is major field of the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. The list given in the link below contains detailed information for all universities of Greece.

In addition, in the subject of Civil Engineering, two other engineering schools of the country appear in the ranking:

  • Patras: No 101-150
  • Thessaloniki: No 151-200

25 July 2018

D. Koutsoyiannis, Dean

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Inspection of Damte dam, Ethiopia, May 2018

In 2001, with the thesis of the then postgraduate student of the School of Civil Engineering of NTUA Evgenia Arapaki (see link below), an initiative begun to construct the small dam Damte in South-Western Ethiopia as a pilot project to deal with the intense drought problems in Ethiopia. The project was accomplished (in 2006), with full funding from Greek sources and with the participation of other students and professors of the School.

Now the graduating student of the School Ioanna Kouki is working in the frame of her diploma thesis on the assessment of the dam. Between 8/5 and 14/5/2018, a mission of the School took place in the area with the said student and the member of the Lab Teaching Staff Dr. Haris Saroglou. The mission was made possible thanks to the support and organization of the Ethiopian Honorary Consul in Greece, Terina Armenakis, who managed to find sponsors for the mission. (The School did not contribute financially). The purpose of the visit was to inspect the current situation, assess the operation of the dam and identify any problems.

This small scale irrigation dam is a characteristic example of the positive effect that Civil Engineering works can have on the living conditions of people and local societies.

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  • Photo 1 (452.3 KB): General view of the Damte irrigation dam from its downstream side.
  • Photo 2 (181.5 KB): Dr. Ch. Saroglou, member Lab Teaching Staff of the School of Civil Engineering, and Ioanna Kouki, graduating student of the School, among residents of the area.
  • Photo 3 (447.5 KB): Meeting of the NTUA mission with the residents of the area benefiting from the operation of the dam.

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Participation of students of the School at the EGU 2018 conference

The General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU 2017) took place in Vienna in the week of 8-13 April 2018 with 15 000 delegates from 106 countries and 17 300 presentations. Undergraduate and postgraduate students, and teachers from the School of Civil Engineering (30 scientists in total) presented about 50 papers (oral or poster). The students made a good impression on the international audience of the conference, highlighting the high level of studies, research and student-teacher collaboration at our School. At the same time, they were also rewarded with their participation in the international scientific process, the acquaintance with the world's leading protagonists, and the recognition of their work.

The School congratulates its students for their diligence and their successful presentations, which are an advertisement of the School, and wishes them to keep up the good work. At the same time, it regrets that it was unable to support them financially, which would have been unthinkable for the other 105 participating countries.

Demetris Koutsoyiannis

School's delegates in front of their poster presentations.

The traditional dinner of the School's delegation, after the end of the conference, at the Cafe Vienne (a historic restaurant that dates back to 1839 with a former name of Zum Griechen - For Greeks). The dinner was also honoured by the attendance of the newly elected President of EGU Professor Alberto Montanari (Darcy Medal 2018, fourth on the left side of the table), as well as Professor Pierluigi Claps of the Politecnico di Torino (fifth on the same side) and the doctoral candidate Alonso Pizarro from Chile who remained in the School for eight months in the course of his dissertation (third on the same side).

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